The wide, wide world of intermodal

Intermodal. It sounds like some kind of remedy you might take for a gastro-intestinal disorder. In fact, the intermodal industry is the movement of containerized cargo over air, land, or sea through the use of different transport modes. And finding the right-sized containers for storage, shipping, or transportation needs can be a problem if you don’t know where to look.

At MidSouth Containers Sales and Rentals (MSCS), we’re set up for instant ready-made storage, providing boxes, chassis, trailers, flat racks, and open tops.

The range of uses of our steel storage containers is simply astounding. Use them for storing farm, nursery, garden, agricultural, ranch, or livestock supplies; paint, chemicals, tires, or other hazardous material; sports equipment at schoolyard and recreation fields; files, books, or business records; tools, equipment, or tack supplies. In addition, people use them for storing furniture, appliances, household or auction items; portable generators; police/fire/EMT/search-and-rescue (SAR) gear; shipboard supplies; as well as boats, trucks, tractors, motorcycles, bicycles, ATVs, snowplows, snowmobiles, or automobiles. They’re also utilized for transporting freight by truck, rail, and ship. That’s more uses than they’ve found for corn!

In the Great Outdoors, our highly efficient steel containers keep supplies and food safe from deer, bears, and other wildlife because they’re watertight and sealed to keep out the elements. The uses appear almost endless. You can even live in them or utilize them as a modular office, shelter, or command center!

Our Collierville, Tennessee, facility strategically is placed in the No. 1 distribution center of America, allowing us to offer a variety of equipment and get it out fast. And as the above roll markedly shows, we supply the local Mid-South with rental containers accommodating an array of storage needs.

We’re MidSouth Containers. And we pride ourselves on being the leading rental business in the Mid-South, satisfying our customers’ needs in every aspect of the business.

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